CMAS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and education of marine aquarists and their hobby. For more in-depth history and information read "About CMAS" and "Events". CMAS is supported by (LFS) Local area Fish Stores by giving members discounts on their purchases.

How much does a CMAS membership cost and what do I get?

Membership Fees:

  • Regular or Commercial One Year - $20.00/One-year
  • Regular or Commercial Two Year - $30.00/Two-years
  • Student (18 or under) - $10.00/year

Our society is aimed at ALL marine aquarists regardless of experience. You will get to meet and make friends with many knowledgeable people in your hobby at our monthly meetings. You will also receive the following benefits: these web pages, guest speakers, raffles, field trips, discounts from area pet stores, and much more!!!! The majority of our meetings are held at the DeVry University Campus on Swift Road in Addison, IL, which is just off I-355 - However please note locations for each event on the website or in email notices.

How do I Join?

* Preferred Method: Join Online

The new online membership section of our website is live!  You can now join, renew and update your contact information and preferences online as well as pay for fees via credit cards.

* Alternate Method: Join In Person

Alternately, you can attend a meeting or fragswap and fill out an application at the meeting. You can attend some meetings without becoming a member. This is a great way for prospective members to gather information about CMAS. Note that some special meetings are restricted to members only or require fees for non-members. This will be noted on the web site. You can still attend these special meetings provided you join the same day of the meeting or pay the entry fee (which will be waived if you join that day.)