CMAS Mission

Established in January 1993, the Chicagoland Marine Aquarium Society (CMAS) is a nonprofit organization of marine hobbyists brought together by the desire to promote a better understanding of the life we keep in our marine aquariums. Our focus is to increase the longevity of marine life in a controlled environment and to encourage that life to propagate freely. Only through education and the sharing of ideas can we expect a future for our hobby. Anyone interested in advancing these goals is invited to join.

CMAS meets monthly September through May, usually on the third Saturday of the month. Please refer to our meeting announcements for each meeting's specific location.   Our meetings generally begin at 1:00PM with a short review of club business, moving on to the main program (if applicable) and then to an open discussion among members present. Everyone is welcome to bring their questions and/or problems to the club meetings for assistance as most discussion topics originate this way.